Building maintenance Perth  must be inspired.

Building maintenance Perth must be inspired by the type of clientele you want as renters. We are going to show you how to be inspired whether it is commercial maintenance or residential maintenance, here are a few ideas to perk up your curb appeal and help your outsides look as good as your insides.

Commercial Building Maintenance Perth

Outside Maintenance

Let’s talk curb appeal! Building maintenance Perth involves keeping the outside inviting, neat and clean! Really, who wants to walk into a building that is run down and covered in weeds? Keep those bushes neatly trimmed and the lawns clipped properly. If you own an apartment building, you want to keep the units filled. Keeping the outside looking nice will attract new renters and keep the units filled. That’s more dollars in your pocket! Painting and making sure you maintain the building standards is important as well. If we are talking apartment buildings, make sure that terraces are well kept, lighting is maintained and paths are clear.  Access to the building should be unimpeded. Safe entry and exit are very important to renters, so paths and parking lots should be well-lit. Commercial buildings have the same needs, so as the landlord, keep on top of these things and  keep your tenants returning.

 Inside Maintenance

Now inside, building maintenance Perth is just as important. In a commercial setting you likely have a lobby, possibly with a secured sign-in area. Keep things sparse, uncluttered so they are easy to keep clean and well-maintained. Public areas are best when uniform, painted and in good working order.  As a renter, you never want to walk into a building and see burned out bulbs or overgrown plants. If your maintenance department is not trained in horticulture, you can hire companies that come in, water and maintain the plants in your entire building. They normally replace anything that dies and keep everything trimmed and pretty.

Good commercial maintenance attracts the kind of renters that you want. These are the people that run high-end businesses, dress for work and keep things looking their best. Attractive surrounds promote care and pride of place. Renters that have no respect for public areas or themselves will have none for their private office areas.

Residential Building Maintenance

In the lobby of a residential building you may have mailboxes, a doorman and elevator access. Normally access to the building is secured. Secured building access is important to renters for a number of reasons. Least of all renters don’t want to find uninvited guests wandering the building, leaving flyers under their doors or worse yet, just wandering around. Secure, safe environments are paramount for a residential building’s success.

Residential maintenance is just as important as commercial building maintenance.   Maintenance performed regularly in a residential building keeps the building looking good, keeps residents happy and improves your chances of getting in renters that have pride in their surroundings.  Attract the right kind of renters to avoid things like  damage in the rental units or public areas.  Keep your walls painted and make sure there are no holes in the plaster. Mechanical items like elevators need regular inspections and should always be in working order.  Handicapped residents must be able to come and go easily.

Performing building maintenance Perth, whether commercial or residential maintenance is an important and necessary part of building ownership.  Some other items you can upgrade to attract a better class of renter are:

Kitchen Appliances

Some additional residential maintenance for the landlord that is well worth the return is appliances for the kitchen. Kitchens can be updates with paint and/or new back splashes which are available in a variety of materials. You can choose something inexpensive and easy to maintain or go with something more high-end, depending on the type of building you own.  Choose the appropriate type of appliances for the neighborhood and building.  Don’t pick anything too high-end or complicated. Most residential managers will tell you to keep things simple. More options usually mean more maintenance.

Kitchen Counters

For higher end buildings Quartz and Granite are your go to counter-tops. They are harder to damage, but more expensive to replace if damaged. In your average run of the mill apartment building make use of the many available patterns of laminate. Laminate can look high-end for relatively little money and is much easier and cheaper to replace when damaged.  Granite and Quartz of course command higher rents.


Replacing fixtures with higher quality chandeliers, ceiling fans, and lighting, cabinet hardware and door hardware is a good option. The expense is worth it because these items receive heavy use and are likely to break faster if cheap. Using a high quality expands the lifetime for these items. In addition it will keep your renters satisfied that they are living in a quality building.


Flooring is a major investment, whether it’s commercial flooring or residential in an apartment building. Everyone wants something different. People with pets want wood, or vinyl. Older people get cold more often and want something soft on the feet, like carpeting. Carpeting in rental units is pretty much a turn-off.  The fact that someone else walked barefoot or let their dog run around on it just adds to the reasons that renters don’t like carpeting.

Carpeting isn’t a favorite for landlords or renters.  This is likely due to staining or pet accidents, even children making a mess.  Then there are the issues with cleaning between renters. Carpet cleaning is not completely sanitary and just another form of maintenance to perform. Your maintenance staff can just clean hardwood or vinyl floors after each tenant vacates their unit.  A few scratches won’t diminish the look.  Tenants sometimes add area rugs for warmth or comfort.  In the lease you can require renters to cover a percentage of the floor with area rugs to muffle sound for the tenants below them, but this is optional.

Rental property upgrades are a good investment. Make the upgrade to items that require less maintenance and that last longer.  In the long run it’s what you want. Renters notice upgraded items like granite and they are willing to pay for them. In addition, you want your building to stand out and be the shining star among all of the choices. Keeping your building filled with happy renters is the name of the game!