Getting a reliable commercial building maintenance company near me has been a struggle!

Building maintenance services are varied and you need someone that can handle all phases of commercial building maintenance. That means anything from painting to re-wiring lighting fixtures. Finding a company you trust to do the job over and over again and get it right each time is no easy task.

Our Services

DEVCO is a trusted company in the building maintenance services field. They offer both commercial building maintenance and residential building maintenance. The Building maintenance services that DEVCO offers include:

  • full renovations
  • maintenance services
  • commercial building services
  • landscaping services
  • refurbishments
  • new home building

Scheduling Commercial Building Maintenance

DEVCO Builders can evaluate your residential building maintenance needs and come up with a service plan that takes care of all your needs. Having a plan to work with, something to follow is great! Laying out their services like a 1, 2, 3 outline for building maintenance. Making a schedule ensures us that every opportunity to complete projects is taken! Our workers use the schedule to complete more every day.  Sometimes additional projects pop up they can be fit into the schedule with ease.

Landscaping Commercial or Residential

Landscaping is always the number one item on an owner’s list of things they don’t want to be bothered with!  No one likes mowing, weeding and planting in the heat. Commercial installations have more work and an ease of plant turn over due to shall we come right out and say it, someone stomping on it!  At a residential building maintenance account, the homeowner has a lot of leeway in what the service includes. The best way to find out what your yard needs is to call us in for an evaluation.

Pest Prevention Tips that Save Money

At DEVCO we like to go over your green spaces and check for pests or for pest prevention items that we can accomplish for you. It is DIY that you are after, we can point out items that we notice and give you some tips on how to clean them up yourself. Money saving tips are helpful all around! No coupons necessary!

Commercial Schedules

Commercial building maintenance is a whole other ball game! We’ll put you on a schedule of the various services that fit your needs and make sure that the timeline corresponds with your schedule. For instance, if your building opens at 8 am, we’ll make sure that our trailers, mowers and maintenance personnel come early enough to finish before the lot starts filling up or late enough so that everyone is already at work. That way we aren’t blocking spaces or annoying anyone. And that’s just our plan for landscaping work!

Cost Savings on Equipment, Storage and Workers

Hiring DEVCO Builders to care for your commercial building maintenance services is a smart move. We have personnel ready to go as well as equipment.  DEVCO maintenance equipment is stored and maintained at our site, out of your way. If it breaks, we fix it. All of that pressure is taken off of you. We are available to fix all your broken doors, windows, trims and what not. What not is a technical term!


Commercial building maintenance services are a specialty for us and like you, we take it very seriously. Most notably, we have many professional references that you can have a look at before making your decision. We can also provide photographs, plans and schedules to ease your worries. Have a look at our Projects Page to see some of our work.

At DEVCO we are a full-service commercial building maintenance company and we are here to serve your needs. Call today!