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Tiny Living

If you want a tiny house, a tiny house you shall have. DEVCO Builders does however offer the following insights into tiny living. So before you make the leap, think about what you are getting into.

Here’s some plans to look at:

Check out the space constraints and we mean constraints.  A lot of people think living tiny is an attractive alternative to the major responsibilities of owning a full-sized home. In some cases this is true.

Paying for a Tiny Home

Financing your tiny home, well, it’s not as easy as it looks. Sure tiny homes are cheaper than full sized homes but how do you finance them? In many cases you will need to pay in cash. Banks are often not willing to finance something that has no roots often does not comply with local ordinance and is completely mobile. Unless of course, you are talking about a caravan and those are often specially written loans and contracts that tiny homes do not qualify for. Still with a caravan, you have a home base and they will know where to find you if you decide not to pay!

Granny Flats

DEVCO Builders recommends living in a granny flat or studio apartment for a year before going tiny. There is only so much reading you can do about living tiny. Many people get involved in tiny living long before they are ready and what happens? Space, they run out of space. Soon it becomes a means to an end. Where will I put what I need, what I want? So try it first. Live in your granny flat and rent out your main property for a specified time period.

Space, The Final Frontier

At DEVCO Builders we often hear oh I don’t like cleaning all this space. Why should I add another bathroom to my space? I only need one bedroom, why have two?  Well, only you truly know exactly what you need. At DEVCO Builders, speaking from experience we like our space!  Sometimes you want to get away from everyone else in the house! Where will you go in a tiny house? Out, that’s where you will go! Outside or out to another place. That is not always the answer. Maybe you just want to hang out at home.  So, by now you’ve guessed it, privacy is an issue.

DEVCO Builders Luxury

How about those bathrooms in tiny houses? Well to put it diplomatically, at DEVCO Builders we like our porcelain Gods and Goddesses! Composting toilets or buckets with wood shavings? Never, never ever, never. Enough said! DEVCO Builders just does not appreciate the naturalness of the whole situation. Our DEVCO Builder bathrooms are luxurious even on a budget, so if you have us building something tiny, prepare to be wowed! We aren’t going to drop the ball here and go cheap and tiny! That just doesn’t work. The DEVCO Builders seal of approval would never fit there.

Full-Service Builders

DEVCO Builders is a full-service builder. We enjoy the process and want you to enjoy it as well. At DEVCO Builders we like to listen to our clients and help them through the process. So if you’re thinking tiny, think tiny but luxurious and let DEVCO Builders guide you through the process of building a small/tiny house granny flat!

DEVCO Builders offers many services. Just check out our services page!

Notice that DEVCO Builders functions on large-scale projects as well as small residential projects. No project is too small. We just want to make sure you know how small, small really is!

DEVCO Builders is your go to source for all items construction! We love our jobs and want to take the stress out of yours. Let us guide you through the building process with our  special brand of DEVCO Builders planning and development.