Organization and Efficiency

Strata maintenance is one of our specialties! Whether it is tidying up the lines in a parking lot or organizing a large scale renovation for 450 apartment kitchens, we’re on it! Home maintenance Perth is an exciting industry. We love our jobs!  Our individual team members are highly organized and very efficient. This is the perfect combination for strata maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

Strata maintenance involves both commercial and residential properties. Our goal as a provider of strata maintenance services is 100% satisfaction on the part of our clients. So, with that in mind, our staff is both professionally trained and highly experienced in a wide variety of tasks.

Inside Outside Strata Maintenance

We work on indoor projects to refurbish common areas and minor touch ups like paint or paper. Outdoor projects include landscaping and brick work maintenance as well as carpentry and structural refurbishment. Our work takes us to both residential and commercial properties.

Daily Routines

Working in and amongst your personnel is just another facet of our worker’s training. We teach them to work carefully and efficiently so that your staff is not disrupted by noise and mess. Your daily routines are important to you and so to us.

Go to Source

When it comes to property maintenance inside and out, DEVCO is prepared to be your go to source for jobs big and small when it comes to strata maintenance. We take a lot of pride in what we do and how we do it, so that you are happy with the results. We strive to always exceed your expectations.