Home renovations: The Kitchen

Heading into the last part of the year, many are looking forward to the next year and how best to accomplish home renovations to keep them up to date.  Builder’s is no stranger to the New Year Phenomenon. We all make plans! It’s inevitable. We make plans and then reality hits!

At DEVCO Builder’s we say keep making plans. Keep dreaming. Plans and dreams make life better. They give us something to look forward to. We’re giving you an easier way to look at those plans for now.

Start Small

First, start small. Think in stages. Work your way up to the big plans. DEVCO knows that right after the new year is probably not the best time to start paying for a full-scale renovation, so let’s ease into it.

Right now we have several small-scale home renovations for kitchens that will get you through the in between period while you make decisions, make more plans and ease your way into the big renovation.

Counter tops

Replacing all of your counter tops is expensive and a lot of work. Think about an island or small prep area. You can replace that area with wood or butcher block. It’s less expensive then stone and adds warmth and rustic style.

Concrete is another cost-effective option. If you are very handy and able to follow directions and put up with the frustration factor, by all means tackle this project. DEVCO however suggests that you hire a professional.

Back Splash

Replace your back splash. Tin tile is an economical choice that comes in various colours. This option can also be a DIY choice as it is not difficult to do. If you don’t have a back splash, other options include tile in various configurations. There are many choices.

Peel and stick tile is yet another option. It is very easy to do.  This is most definitely a DIY project. All you need is a straight edge and scissors or a box cutter type implement. We used a scissor when we tried this option and it was very easy.

Wall Space

Are you working in a tight space? Do you need more storage? What about those walls? Your walls are untapped storage.  Combine shelves with your back splash. Instead of special borders at the top, add a shelf. There are also varied types of hanging containers and rail systems that create storage for utensils, plants for a small container garden or even spices. Don’t overlook your walls.

Opening the upper cabinets by removing the doors fools the eye and makes the space seem bigger. However and this is a big caveat you need to be a neat freak to make use of this option. No one wants to look at messy cabinets!


Get a new faucet!  While an easy DIY option for some, for most we suggest hiring a professional to accomplish the task. A new faucet is like getting a new bracelet. Its bling! Add some bling to your kitchen! Changing both the finish and the style can make a huge difference.


Incorporate furniture into your design. Oak dog crates in the island give the dog a place to sleep and create an inviting looking space at the same time. Wood warms the room. Or pick out some type of dresser or serving piece to use in conjunction with your other storage.

Pot Racks

Pot racks hung from the ceiling or even on a wall free-up much needed cabinet space and allow you to display your copper pots or even your regular pots and pans. Now it’s more about space than display value. So make room in the cabinets, pull the pots out and hang them up high.


Changing just your kitchen hardware can do a world of good! Update to a different metal or perhaps you want something more unique. There are plenty of options available like seashells, colored sea glass and many other options that you can purchase and change out by yourself.


Add or subtract lighting. Under cabinet lighting is sexy. You can add a few under cabinet lights that are battery operated. It gives you a chance to try it out and see if you really like it before investing in the actual change and having it wired.

Furthermore, add a chandelier over your dining table or a ceiling fan with a light kit. More and more we are seeing table lamps on breakfast bar tops, even on your dining table or in your nook.


Create more seating! Add a hinged table top and bar stools that can slide under a counter, tucked away out of sight.


Painting is an overall big change when it comes to home renovations! Make sure to follow the steps and utilize a food-friendly paint finish. Cabinets are not the easiest thing to paint but go slow and you will be pleased with your outcome. With that in mind, you can create various finishes and tones to compliment your décor. Lighter on top, darker on the bottom is popular right now. Remember, paint is temporary. If you don’t like it, just start over with another colour. But give it a day or two! You may change your mind, again!

Keep Dreaming

DEVCO Builders is here for the long haul and your home renovations are important to us. We just wanted to give you a little bit to work with now while you patiently plan your larger renovations. We can help with all of it, so don’t hesitate to call.

Keep planning. Keep dreaming. DEVCO Builders are excellent project manager. Check out our YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A5PCNlUX9Q

Look at our services page. https://devcobuilders.com/perth-residential-constructions/

Lastly, we have many projects that you can see and beautiful plans for you to choose from. Contact DEVCO Builders today so we can begin the process of making your home renovations and dreams a reality.