New Home Builder Perth on Trend for 2019!!

As your go to new home builder Perth, DEVCO is on top of the new ideas for 2019! We are right there at the forefront of the design world, focusing on new ideas. It’s fair to say that the best trends serve only as suggestions, a way to get your mind rolling. Take the time to think about what makes you happy. How do you like to live? What will you tell your new home builder? DEVCO, new home builder Perth always knows the latest trends, but we like to know you as well so we can combine your love for gardening with the latest kitchen trend of sustainable indoor farming units!

Kitchens 2019

Homeowners, new or remodeling, are looking towards nature for trends in 2019. They want sustainability and recyclability in their designs and accessories. Kitchens are the hub of the home. Everyone gathers here. Everyone uses the kitchen. Family friendly designs are in the forefront. Designs that promote social interaction are on trend.

We are seeing more wide open spaces with open storage so we can see what we have! Transparent refrigerator doors are among the best trends we’ve seen. The ability to view chilled foods and see other provisions while we are cooking and preparing meals for our family are one of the number one trends in something called The Wellness Kitchen. This is where we see the trends promoting recycled and sustainable materials as well as anything that is uber hygienic!

Living Produce

Are you tired of your vegetables going bad the day after you get them home from the store? Growing your own vegetables is so 2019! Mini-farm friendly sustainable units are making an appearance and likely to hang around for a long time. Small scale growing units right in the kitchen! Now that sounds like fun. Can you imagine picking your own herbs fresh? How about grape tomatoes? Now we’re talkin’!


Nothing evokes a feeling more than colour! Colours can change our mood; make us happy, sad, and reflective. Why not choose colours that we find relaxing? Sage greens are making a big splash in 2019 as well as other colours that promote a relaxed, calm atmosphere. And we’re seeing shades of apricot, pastels and neutrals that compliment the Sage Green trend. Try one of the new neutrals and relax!

Bathrooms 2019

Bathroom designs are leaning more towards that spa place, the place to get away from it all in your home! Tell your new home builder Perth before its too late that you want a spa! You want a place to relax. You need open space with nice views and room for cushy seating! Let your new home builder Perth know you want a place to get away from it all! Tune out the noise of the busy work week and relax! Pendant lighting, soft seating and cushions are making a hit! Cushions, in a bathroom? Yes, because cushions, even belong in the bathroom!

2nd story bathrooms are the best! So, why is that? It’s the view, its always the view! Take advantage of your 2nd story home builder ideas and play up the view. Look out upon the trees and relax! Are you seeing the trend? The trend no matter what is relaxation. Relaxation in your own home is the top trend. Really, why should you leave and go somewhere else? DEVCO is your new home builder Perth and we know how to design a home around your thoughtful considerations for rest and relaxation!

Trends and Influences

In 2019 there will be many design influences that you can use in your own home.  But, why use someone else’s ideas? Let’s talk! We want to help you come up with some ideas that make you happy. So what colours do you find calming? Does beige make you happy? Do pastels or muted shades of blue give  you that sense of well-being? DEVCO is ready to help you discover the potential in your current home or on your new lot where we can offer all the home builder services we have to offer!