Perth Property Maintenance Clean those Gutters!

Nothing says Perth property maintenance like cleaning your gutters! Are your gutters full of gunk? It’s time to get the gunk out and make them sparkle again! Gunky gutters are no laughing matter! Honestly is this a task that anyone likes? It’s doubtful! Gunky gutter cleaning is just basic Perth property maintenance that everyone should do!  Even commercial building maintenance looks at their gutters and cleans them periodically. DEVCO Builders offer these tips and along with just a little preparation and thought, your gutters will come out clean and you will avoid having much of the mess on you! No need to worry. The gunk is not dangerous. It is mostly rotten leaves, small sticks, seeds, gunk! Home maintenance Perth serves two purposes; one is to keep your home in tip top shape. The other is to keep it looking nice!

Gather Your Supplies for Property Maintenance Perth

Step one, gather what is needed. Doing any commercial building maintenance or home maintenance Perth is an easier job when you have what you need right at hand.

  • Small plastic scoop or small garden trowel
  • Extension ladder
  • Garden hose
  • Plastic tarp
  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeved shirt

Prepare to Work

Step two, set up your national property maintenance work space so that everything is within reach.

  • Spread the tarp on the ground under the spot you plan to start. Leave it large and oversized.
  • Prop the ladder up on the house.
  • Don your gloves and shirt.*
  • Affix the hose to the top of the ladder within your reach.
  • Head up the ladder with your scoop.

*Here’s a special tip from my Uncle…if the gutters seem wet, it’s just rained, you power washed the house etc., wrap your arms from gloves to elbows in plastic wrap right over your clothes. This will help keep your arms dry and Perth property maintenance will not be such a drudge!

Getting It Done!

  • Last but not least, remove the gutter gunk one scoop at a time and toss it to the tarp below. Splat…now that’s a satisfying sound! You are one scoop closer to done with your Perth property maintenance!
  • Keep moving along the side of the house, up and down the ladder, making adjustments as necessary. Don’t forget to move your tarp when you are on the ground moving the ladder!
  • Keep going! You’ve got more to do!
  • When you get to the end of a line, take your hose and spray down the gutter along the way you’ve just come from. Watch for any leaks that need patching and to make sure the water goes to your downspouts and out the bottom. If not, you may have more to clean once you’re done with the gutters!
  • If you think the down spouts are clogged, place a small bag around the bottom of the down spout and blast the hose into the down spot from the roof end. It should blow everything out into the bag! Now that’s Perth property maintenance at its best!