Second storey extension and costs

Second story home additons

Extension of the second storey is a popular option to people with less space on their property and wants to increase living space without moving. It also provides design flexibility according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can decide to turn bedrooms upstairs and living room downstairs along with dining or kitchen. The primary requirement of adding a second storey is to add more space to your house.

This is a complex project that will need you to have ideas on the process and costs before starting. Since adding a second storey will add more weight to the existing one, it will require professional skills and experience of an engineer. The cost of an additional second storey depends on the size of your home. However, according to typical ranges, the price is high, because an analysis of your home slab will need underground, inside and around perimeter piers. Also, structures such as beams size are included in the cost.

Building a second storey is both essential and risky, and thus it requires a strategic plan to manage the building work from the start to completion. Also, this requires your presence and supervision on every step to ensure you get what you planned. It’s essential to go for materials along with the builder to get quality at a reasonable price.

Second storey extension requires more demolition on the rooftop. For example, significant changes are done on plumbing, electrical installations, walls and adding stairs. When it comes to second storey extension, creativity and innovative design are highly required to ensure the house is firm and safe to the homesteads.

Finding second storey home builders will need you to go on the ground and do critical research. A complex project requires a contractor with certifications in remodelling and constructions, and enough experience working on structural walls. To save time and get a qualified builder, contact interviews and ask the right questions. After that, you will be able to select the one that fits your project and budget. A qualified builder will help on the best materials and procedures to use and get a quality storey as expected.

Beware of builders who say what they can do without experience and proves, and at a lower price. As stated above, these are complex projects and will obviously use a massive amount of money to be complete, so don’t be deceived. Be ready to spend and get a storey that is equal to your money. A qualified builder will charge more and deliver quality.


All costs incurred in the extension of the second storey are in line with the quality and work. To extend your home with an additional storey, you have to be ready to spend on materials and labour. The second storey is an investment to your home and is a construction that will rarely be done again for long. Finding a builder with quality skills and experience is a task that requires judgmental research to ensure you achieve a dream home.