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Here at Devco Builders, we service Cottesloe for building works and maintenance.

With a committed service division specializing in all aspects of the construction industry, we can guarantee we will meet your building services needs efficiently.

Located 11km of Perth, Cottesloe is situated within the Town of Cottesloe local government. It is known for its relaxed beach-side environment, within a walking distance to the beach and short drive away to the city. The beach is famous for its beach cricket game.
Cottesloe is a home for 7,375 residents according to 2016 census, this beautiful suburb has a sea view golf club. There are 5 railway stations serving the suburb and various bus routes connecting Cottesloe to Perth and Fremantle.
The Town of Cottesloe has recently invested in renewable energy and had a 15kW solar power system installed.
It is believed that the solar power installation is a long-term investment in reducing emissions and budget.
Devco Builders, a specialist providing services all across WA. We will help residents to have a good investment in a renewable resource. Do not hesitate to contact us and get a free consultation.

We aim to supply our clients a convenient, reliable and efficient service at all times. Our experienced tradesmen are qualified in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, cabinet making, roof plumbing, tiling, plastering, ceiling fixing and much more.

We have a broad history in a variety of sectors including

  • Residential building and maintenance
  • Educational building and maintenance
  • Hospitality building and maintenance
  • Government building and maintenance
  • Real Estate & Strata Management building and maintenance
  • Facility management building and maintenance
  • Hospitals & Aged care building and maintenance

Cottesloe is located 22 min by car from Perth.

Devco Builders can offer our clients a from concept to completion building service and where applicable make application for Cottesloe Building Permits from the City of Cottesloe before any works can commence. We are the team for you when it comes to building & property maintenance, commercial maintenance, and construction. Devco Builders provides a complete building maintenance and construction service to all Perth suburbs and Western Australia.

Please contact at Devco Builders on 08 9303 4581

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